Welcome to the Amherst Artisan Gallery

At the Amherst Artisan Gallery you will find photographs, pottery, oil and watercolour paintings, carvings, metal art, rugs, jewelry, fabric works, quilts, dolls, stained glass and folk art just to name a few.
A market with foods from a variety of vendors will also be opening soon.
Free admission, lots of parking and your community artisans will assist you.

A brief history of the Amherst Train Station Gallery and Market

The Original Three Amigo Story
The following is a typical story about Gil, the generosity of his time and especially his passion to advance our local ‘Visual Arts’ community. For Ted Evans, John Warner it became – let’s do it attitude, what’s the worst that could happen, let’s jump in the deep end. Who is going to fire us, we don’t have jobs !!!
“Almost two years ago Gil Collicott, Ted Evans and John Warner determined the time was ripe – they set-up a coffee meeting at their newly found head office, often called the Warehouse Café. In their little corner of the café the three amigos developed a concept for an artisan venue – wanted visual arts with high quality, unique art products, must be an active artisan and only from this area.
After the third head office meeting, Gil said “we are ready, let’s go see the mayor” – not an organized word was documented, it was all in their heads and hearts, the concepts were simple. Firmly believed the mayor could handle the latter (editorial - sorry Mayor Small no disrespect intended).
Same day: Mayor Robert Small agreed to meet with them for a few minutes, he kept them tied up for ninety minutes. Later, Mayor Small said, “what a plan, it is so obvious, one of the best presentations I have had – will take it to council”. It wasn’t the multi-page, detailed, heavily studied document we presented – it was three amigos with a lot of history, local recognition and a strong personal passion for the local visual arts community. The three amigos just needed help to get started – it happened within three weeks. VIA Rail leased them a train station at a phenomenal rate, the Town paid this lease for the first six months, artisans rolled up their sleeves – that was the birth of Gil’s, Ted’s and John’s Amherst Train Station Artisan Gallery, their dream. Thanks amigo, you will be missed.”
John Warner
Amherst Artisan Gallery

A brief history of the Amherst Train Station

The Inter-colonial Railway (ICR) opened its line from Truro to Moncton on 9 November 1872.
Initially the ICR served Amherst passengers from a station constructed of wood on the same site as the present-day structure. The present structure was opened on 31 August 1908 and is constructed of local red sandstone.
In 1918, the ICR was merged into another federal Crown corporation, the Canadian National Railways (CNR), however to this day, local residents still refer to the Amherst Railway Station as the Inter-colonial Railway Station.
In 1978, CN transferred responsibility for passenger rail services to another federal Crown corporation, Via Rail. Via is the owner and operator of the station, which serves the 6 days a week Ocean route.
Several minor modifications have been undertaken to the structure in recent decades, including removing the south wing in 1975, replacing the bottom exterior stone in 1991 with stone from the Roman Catholic Church once located on Prince Arthur Street, and in 1992 new metal exterior doors were installed.
Taken from Wikipedia Postcard early 1900s - Dara Legere collection.

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Our Events Calendar

In The News ...

The Amherst Artisan Gallery is pleased to announce it's involvement with the first Bordertown Biker Bash, July 24 - 26, 2015. Visit www.bordertownbikerbash.ca for more details.
During that weekend the gallery will also be hosting an Antiques and Craft Show. For more information here download the pdf file here or if you are interested in participating as a vendor download and complete the registration form. For more information contact Peggy MacKenzie 902-667-9795 or the Gallery 902-664-2787 (ARTS). Email shelly.pettigrew@gmail.com
The Town of Amherst officially recognizes the Amherst Train Station Gallery The Town of Amherst officially recognizes Amherst Train Station Artisan Gallery by presenting it with a certificate of recognition, congratulating the opening of a new business in the Town of Amherst. ... read more ...

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The Amherst Artisan Gallery artists and artisans are all from the surrounding area: Cumberland County, NS and Westmorland County NB.

Working in a multitude of mediums and areas, the gallery's artist and artisans produce original, one of a kind, work that reflects the area that they live in.

The Artisan gallery consists of approximately 70 members, of which eight are on the board of directors. In addition, many of the members alre also involved in various sub-committies and actively participate in the day to day functions of the gallery.

The Artisan Gallery also features a market area where adiditional artisan/crafters exhibit their work on weekends.

Persons interested in joining the gallery as an artist or artisan, or wish to participate with the weekend markets, should contact the gallery. Visit our contact section for information on how to get in touch with us.

John Warner
Photography, Framing & Post Cards

John Warner is one of the three founder of the Amherst Artisan Gallery. John offers.... more...


Bruce Hebert
Painting & Sculpture

Art has been a passion of mine since my early years in.... more...


Millie Warner
Craft Sewing

Millie Warner (nee Pyke) was born and raised in Springhill, Nova scotia. After finishing.... more...


Harvey Haynes
Metal Art


Peggy MacKenzie
Painting & Crafts

Art has been a passion of mine since my early years in.... more...


Beth Estabrooks
Crochet & Painting


Arlene Collins

Growing up in the country, Arlene’s love for art began at a young age.... more...


Marilyn Farrow
Wool Hooking

I decided in 2006 that I needed a new challenge.... more...


Ray Leger

Ray Leger began working with wood more than thirty years ago.... more...


Rainer Wenzl
Painting & Stained Glass

Rainer Wenzl is a multi-media artist/photographer.... more...


Lucille Pitre

Lucille Pitre has been crafting since she was five years old.... more...


Michelle Tweed
Natural Boody Care

Michelle had a vision to spread this wellness, to incorporate it into products we use.... more...


Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy is a self taught artist from Port Elgin NB.... more...


Wendy Price

I have always admired great photography.... more...


Garry Tizzard
Boats in a bottle & Author

I took over from my father's writings and.... more...


Debbie Emslie

Deborah's interest in photography started out with her mother’s “Brownie” camera..... more...


Janie Oickle
Pebble Art

I have a lot of memories to draw from in creating.... more...


Randi Helm
Shell Wreaths

I've always been drawn to the sea and have enjoyed collecting the treasures .... more...


John Hopkins

I doing some walking sticks & canes from local trees.... more...


Mary Farrow-Sinclair
Craft Sewing, Quilting

Mary Farrow Sinclair is a Creative Stitchery Artist....more...


Tammy Connors

One at a Time Treasures Primitive décor to help make your home cozy.....more...


Collete Samson
Glass Artist

Colette is a glass artist.....more...


Sharon Carde
Chocolates & Candy


Elaine Baptiste
Handcrafted Dolls


Bert van Leeuwen


Linda Burke


Darrell Doncaster
Summer Savory


John Helm
Homemade Meat Products


Eric Sparling


Holly Martin
Jewelry & Crafts


Donna Filmore
Costume Jewelry


Hazel Arenburg


Gordon Helm
Artesia Carvings


Valerie Chappell


William Sheppard


Wayne Tibbetts
Dulse & Clock


Theresa Manthorne


Murray Wigglesworth
Wood Carving


Carol Breau
Knitting & Crochet


Lillian VanSnick
Decorative Craft Painting


Carol Ridley


Harry Thurston


Clair Christie


Lorrie Glenn Norris


Deanne Fitzpatrick


Bruce Graham


Pauline Furlong


Ruth Smith


Helen Douglas


John McKay


Michael de Adder


Beryl Blackburn


Art Brown


Ken Jackson


Pat Roberts


Donna Sullivan


Kevin Phinney
Spinners & Lures


Robert Lyons


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

~ Georgia O’Keeffe



Welcome to the Amherst Artisan Gallery, operated by the Amherst Train Station Artisan Cooperative of Amherst, Nova Scotia.
Amherst Artisan Gallery offers works in a multitude of media by local artists from Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and Westmorland County, New Brunswick.
The Cooperative was established in 2013 to provide local artists and artisan a permanent venue for retail sales of their products.

Membership Application Form


As a cooperative, artist/artisan interested in becoming members accept the following terms and responsibilities to ensure the continued success of the gallery:

Artists must go through a jury process to become an Amherst Artisan Gallery member. All artists/artisans working in fine arts and fine crafts are eligible. Fine crafts include such work as ceramics, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, glass, and more.
Art is reviewed on a monthly basis and our process is two-fold:
1. Submission of completed application
2. Personal interview and review of art
Every Amherst Artisan Gallery member is involved in the day to day operation of our gallery from curating, to sales, to maintenance. Active participation by all members is essential to the success of all of our gallery spaces. Members are also responsible for working in the gallery according to their member contracts. Members handle inquiries, sales transactions, and general daily tasks.

All members are required to attend general meetings to keep up with current gallery business.
All artists/artisan must be residents of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia or Westmorland county, New Brunswick.
We invite all interested artists to the store to see the various displays available. We offer small and large shelf space, wall space, jewelry cases and displays as well as some floor space for fiber artist racks etc. At the discretion of the Exhibit Committee, the artwork may or may not be displayed in a contiguous area.


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The Amherst Artisan Gallery is now offering a variety of courses and workshops.
Landscapes, seascapes and still life ; Learn “hands on” techniques that make painting in oils a pleasure not a struggle. Learn to paint in oils with Arlene Collins. Arlene offers a variety of workshops throughout the year. Check our calendar for the date of next workshop.

Everything provided. A 14” x 18” stretched and primed cotton canvas ,oil paint ,brushes and a table top easel. Three sessions, 4 hours each to complete an oil painting ready to frame! Come join us at the Amherst Artisan Gallery, Amherst Centre Mall; It’s easier than you think!

In addition to painting we also offer courses/workshops in Basic Quilting, with instructor: Mary Farrow Sinclair, and Photography

Check our calendar, join our FaceBook page and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with what's going on at the gallery.

Course/workshop Form




Art Work Rental

As a quality establishment, you know how important it is to create a welcoming impression for your clientele as well as a stimulating environment in which to work. That's why more and more premises are incorporating art into their interiors.
Now you can easily transform your offices, boardrooms, reception and consumer facing areas with a stunning art collection for a fraction of the cost of ownership. Choose from a large collection of artworks from local artists and create a stunning interior transformation with a minimum capital outlay.

Why Rent Artwork From Amherst Artisan Gallery Let us do the work.
We handle everything, from design and curating to installation and rotation, freeing you to get involved as much or a little as you like.
Support local artists.
We work directly with over 70 local artists from Cumberland and Westmorland Counties. You can support artists from your area by renting art through the Amherst Artisan Gallery.
Get the whole office involved.
An optional voting tool lets you give employees the freedom to choose the artwork, making the experience engaging for the whole office.

How Renting Artwork from the Amherst Artisan Gallery Works
Meet your Art Advisor.
We believe great service requires a personal touch. To get started, you'll discuss your artwork needs directly with one of our advisors.
Find the perfect art solution.
Your advisor will help you find the perfect solution for your business—with recommendations on artwork size, selection, framing, and placement.
Get artwork. Repeat.
You'll never need to lift a finger. Our team of professional art installers will ensure that the artwork is properly installed, not just the first time, but during every rotation.

Amherst Artisan Gallery Artwork Rental Form
Please download, print and fill out the rental form below. Please bring your completed form to the gallery.

Art Rental Form





The Amherst Artisan Gallery also hosts a weekly market. The market hosts a variety of vendors selling food products and crafts. Once a month the market features a musical acts.


On the weekends the gallery fetures a Cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch, serving up a variety of mouth watering classics. Save your appetite and stop in for a bite before or after your shopping experience at the gallery.


Coming soon! the ability to purchase work from the gallery in an online store.

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”

~ James McNeill Whistler


Amherst Artisan Gallery

+902 664 ARTS (2787)
142 Albion St South, Amherst, NS B4H 4H4